You Need to Know: Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets either used in kitchen or bath are one of the styles which is going on trend nowadays. A lot of people get interested on its texture and its form which make it different from other wood types. Therefore, it can be seen today that this industry of bamboo cabinet making is fast growing. However, clients who want to avail this type of pieces are having a hard time to order and to make deals with bamboo cabinetry because the essential details and information are somehow missing in their descriptions. Also, there are some discrepancies when it comes to their contact details and information, giving the clients a hard time to communicate with them.

bamboo kitchen cabinetsBamboo is a type of grass and it’s commonly grown in China that’s why obtaining lots of it is not an issue of deforestation. However, there are some downside of using bamboo as a main material of furniture pieces. Bamboo grows in a wide manner that’s why a huge space should be allotted in planting bamboos. Also, formaldehydes are usually used in helping them to propagate and lastly there are some political implications because the major supplier of Bamboo around the globe is China. Bamboo flooring is more familiar to people than bamboo kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. But why not consider such idea? Bamboo has a great finishing and coating, putting an extra glow in both your kitchen and bathrooms.

Natural Finish on Bamboo Cabinets

Yes! The natural finish seen on bamboo cabinets such as corner cabinets and pantry cabinets is totally extravagant and very pleasing to the eyes. Its unique striations are just phenomenal and the factor that makes it different to the other wood types. But if you are really adept to darker finishes, kitchen and bathroom cabinets made from bamboo are also available in dark-stained type of finishing.

            If you are wondering whether this bamboo are solid types? It still depends on the part of the cabinets, the hidden parts of the cabinets like the cabinet “boxes” themselves are made out of furniture- grade plywood. On the other hand, the parts of the cabinets which can be seen like the cabinet doors, cabinet drawers and cabinet panels are made of bamboo ply.

Just the Right Size

            The number one and the leading bamboo supplier, Mr. Bamboo, offers variety of sizes when it comes to producing these amazing type of cabinets: 9 base cabinets, 7 upper wall cabinets, 2 pantry cabinets and a wall over cabinet. You can notice that the offered sizes are not as vast as the other types of wood cabinets. It is because it is still growing and the demand is still quite low.

            The styles of this bamboo cabinets are absolutely things you need to watch out for. Usually, the bamboo cabinets are available in two forms or styles: the slab door and shaker-style forms. It is best to explain first the latter than the former because the former’s explanation and description are quite complicated to discuss. Grasswood cabinets is a line of cabinet makers which majorly supplies shaker-style forms of bamboo cabinets. You can notice that this kind of cabinet style has minimal picture frames around it in order to maximize space and utility. Meanwhile, the former type of bamboo cabinet which is the slab door style contains no bevels and panels. It is quite hard to apply some bevels on such type because it would lead to the exposure of the plies. Basically, this type is made out of “Bamboo Plywood”, that’s why cabinets like these are delicately made by cabinet makers.

Who makes it?

            There are quite a number of cabinet manufacturers in this line, they also build bathroom vanity, shoe cabinets and many other more. These lines of bamboo cabinetry are absolute trusted and proven manufacturers. Some of them are Eco Cabinets, and Mr. Bamboo.

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