What to remember in designing a Kitchen

Designing a kitchen layout is probably one of the most challenging project when it comes to interior planning. One of the reasons is because it is one of the most expensive and that so many items have to be placed in one room without compensating the other. This is why most people prefer to hire a firm or an individual interior designer, to make sure the job is well done. Now, while others have people do the job, some just settle with ‘I sure can design my kitchen’ mind set. Well, this could actually work but you have to be very careful if you want to design a kitchen layout as you may encounter common errors in designing kitchens.

Today, we will have a quick recap about these mistakes so you may avoid it if you want to design a kitchen (whether yours or someone else’s), yourself. Carefully read through this article so you may avoid falling into them.

designing a kitchenOne of the most important things to consider when you engage into designing a kitchen remodel is to make use of spaces especially for storage purposes. Most of the time, we forget to maximize the spaces allotted per item leaving us piling items up in wrong places. Make sure that when you design your kitchen, you give 48-72 inches space above your sink for cabinet dishes and glasses. On the same note, you should allow similar spacing near the oven to hold the dishes and supplies when cooking. To give extra convenience, allow pots and pans to be placed near the stovetop, preferably on base or floor cabinets. If you wish to go a little out of the norm in your design for kitchen, then you may use Lazy Susan or cookware caddies on blind corners.

Another error that’s usually encountered in designing kitchen is choosing the wrong item specifically, kitchen islands. Sometimes, we get so emotional that we tend to buy things that were not originally meant to be bought. Sometimes the design could be so inviting that even if it doesn’t fit well, we still choose to purchase them and this is so wrong. Do not ever buy an item just because it looks good; always think of its purpose and how it will fit your room well. If you wish to have an island countertop then you need to make sure that it doesn’t take up all the extra space you need to roam around. Preferably, a kitchen island should be around 48 inches deep and 36-120 inches wide. This will be sufficient enough to let you work without having to cover the whole floor area, plus, easier to clean.

When you want to design kitchen layouts, then you must also focus on proper lighting. You may include halogen and fluorescent lighting. You have to balance the light depending on the shape of your kitchen. Together with this, designing kitchen layout also includes putting proper ventilation so that the room has free air flowing. You don’t want to be suffocating while cooking the same thing as being blinded while preparing food.

Your kitchen allows you to interact with your family thus you should also allow a little comfort and aesthetic value on it.  Designing your kitchen is essential to make it a one-stop shop for you, your family and friends. Make it as inviting and its best to have a specific look that you want achieved. This will help you know your budget and also have good estimation of spaces and cost as a whole.

If again, you wish to pursue kitchen designing, then go ahead and do so. You can widen your imagination and use your estimation skills so you may continue. If you can, you may get help from kitchen professionals but if you are brave enough go ahead and have a fine, engaging adventure.

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