Things you need to Know about Cabinet Refacing?

Kitchen cabinets are basically one of the most vital elements in any kitchen. It is used for storing different things like your kitchen tools and equipment as well as various food supplies from canned goods, pasta and rice supplies, and various condiments and of course spices which add extra flavor and tastiness to the dish you’re cooking or preparing. Given with the amazing use of kitchen cabinets, a lot of home cooks and household members want to keep these cabinets stylish and on trend through cabinet refacing. Actually, cabinet refacing is changing the style of the exterior part of the cabinet. In that way, you’ll be able to save much more of your money instead of buying a full batch of brand new cabinets. Moreover, you’ll also be able to be part of the advocacy of many environmentalist to preserve the environment by minimal purchase of goods and furniture made out of wood. However, a lot of people still get confused with how this kitchen cabinet refacing works? What’s its clear cut definition? This article will provide you with the different things you ought to know about cabinet refacing.

So before we progress too much in this article, let’s first discuss what is cabinet refacing. As what has been mentioned earlier, cabinet refacing is a process done to cabinets as an alternative to ordering of a full built in customized cabinets. Basically, you let professional cabinet manufacturing companies visit your home, do some changes with the exterior part of the cabinet like the cabinet doors and cabinet drawers while at the same time preserving the interior part of the cabinet which is mainly composed of the boxes and shelves.

A lot of people think that in refacing cabinets, one can do it on his own and there’s no need to hire a professional company to do the service. Yes indeed, you can be able to the task of changing the style of your front cabinet doors, handles and drawers with whatever color or texture that you want. However, when it comes to the preserving part or the veneering portion, you need to have an extreme experience or educational background in order for you to accomplish this task outstandingly without ruining any part of the interior cabinet. Even the experts are being careful when veneering cabinet boxes and shelves.

Cabinet Refacing

The term reface in cabinet refacing mean not only changing some style but changing some parts itself. These replacements usually include the front drawers as well as the front cabinet doors. You can apply your desired style on this part, the textures, the forms and even the colors. It’s actually a matter of taste. The front part of the boxes are usually veneered with extra equipment and some liquid solutions for better quality and for long lasting use.

In order to have a successful refinishing kitchen cabinet project, it is advisable that you use wood veneers. Wood veneers are totally genuine and they come in various forms according to the specie of the wood which usually comes in walnut, oak, birch, maple and many more.

You can also reface cabinets through RTF. This is an amazing mode to refinish kitchen cabinets because you can they can easily be cleaned and has the ability to withstand any abuse coming children or pets.

When everything is already settled and you’ve decided on how to refinish kitchen cabinets, you can now discuss the length of time this refacing of cabinets would take. Basically, there are two factors you need to consider in this stage, the size of your kitchen as well the number of cabinets you’d like to reface and of course, the service of the company would provide.

Cabinets RefaceWhatever your kitchen cabinets are whether they are custom cabinets, kraftmaid cabinets, ikea kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen cabinets or cheap kitchen cabinets, its quality and style would still depend on the veneering part of the refacing project. Veneering has been done for over hundreds of years and there’s only one crucial part in the veneering process and that is the installation part. So scrutinize your worker when veneering to avoid any peelings later on.

If you think your cabinets are old enough to be refaced, think twice because according to research old kitchen cabinet boxes tend to be sturdier and stronger than new boxes. Thus, a better candidate for cabinet refacing.

The approximate cost for the whole project is usually half of the cost when you got an installation of a custom built cabinet. You can really pretty save if you don’t want to spend that much but have the desire to make your cabinets stylish and always on trend!

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