The Triangle of Classic Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most utilized places inside the house. Basically, it is because from sun rise to sun set, you are required to use the kitchen in preparing your meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and when you get some food stuff from your cupboards or kitchen cabinets or from the refrigerator. So in a nutshell, you have no choice but to go and use the kitchen for variety of purposes. If you are going to have a kitchen remodel, this article would definitely give you useful tips when it comes to kitchen remodeling ideas, kitchen decorating ideas and of course kitchen design ideas.

Core Idea of Classic Kitchen

The most used concept among all kitchen ideas is no other than the style used in many classic kitchens- The Classic Kitchen Triangle. This concept has been applied in many kitchen all over the States and has been advised by many interior designers because of the efficiency and the accuracy it brings when cooking. Basically, the triangle is composed of three vital elements in the kitchen namely the refrigerator, stove/oven and the sink.

Classic Kitchens Triangle

Each angle of the triangle corresponds to an essential element of the kitchen. The refrigerator is at the middle and the farthest among the two other parts. Why is that? Refrigerators are the least used when cooking, commonly you get items from the fridge in a bulk manner, getting the ingredients you need all at once then finally putting these items on the countertop.

The next thing you have to do after you gathered all the things you need is to wash your hands and some items which need to be cleaned before cooking that’s why it’s good that the sink and the oven/ stove are close with each other because after finishing this step you’ll now get ready to cook.

Obviously the most used among these elements is the stove or oven depending if you are savory cook or a baker and for sure you’ll be washing your hands from time to time to ensure the cleanliness of the food you are cooking and that’s another factor why the sink and the stove should be built closely.

You have to understand carefully the space that you have because the size of the kitchen triangle would actually depend on the size which is available. For more information, you man consult books and magazines for further kitchen layouts, kitchen designs, small kitchen ideas, kitchen plans, kitchen remodel ideas on how you’ll be able to execute “design your own kitchen”.

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