Mixture of the Old and the New in Country Kitchens

Kitchens have always been built in order to give that homey, welcoming and inviting feeling both to the house hold members and guests. However, usually, kitchens become a rummage of trash and composed of different styles making it hard to define its true personality as well as the taste of the owner. If you are in need of remodeling or re-facing of kitchen, it’s good if you’ll apply styles and designs which would both define the style of yesterday at the same time the on trend designs of today and tomorrow. You can be able to do such project with the utilization off the country kitchen style. This style fuses the designs that were once used in palaces and the ornaments of today which express modern and contemporary style of kitchen. Through making use of this style, you’ll always feel like throwing back time while being able to use the modern kitchen equipment to make cooking, easier and way faster.

Types of Country Kitchens

Country kitchen styles have basically three interpretations namely the English style which originated from the palaces  and the monarchical style of Government in England, the French Style which was first seen in the lovely mansions of France and of course the Americana Style which began to prevail when the Europeans have been able to discover the New Land in a New World. However, though each style has its own unique interpretation from the other, all of them still share the same blueprint and basic design as well as construction and most importantly, the mixture of the past and the present.

country kitchenIt’s better to begin with the Style which is most popular and familiar to all clients and customers, no other than the Americana Style. After looking at the idea an affordable kitchen cabinet company noted that unlike modern contemporary kitchen styles and traditional styles which usually stay in same shades and tone of color, the Americana Style totally loves color. It has the desire to mix and match different hues and shades from blue to red to yellow to green. These color combinations are done in order to bring that homey, welcoming and vibrant feelings to those who would enter the kitchen resembling the ambiance you’ll see and embrace in farmhouses.

On the other hand, the English Country Style tends to go with colors and shades which are neutral in order to creat a formal mood and design mimicking the kitchens usually found in the European country sides.

Lastly, the French Style gives importance to space at the same time observing the sense of coziness. You’ll actually feel really at home through having this type of kitchen style and it would definitely excite you to cook and prepare meals which are French inspired.

County Kitchen – Style Which Once Flourished

Because country styles give its users that nostalgic feeling of reliving the past and visiting the traditions which were once observed strictly, there are some features you should follow accordingly in order to make this project of yours a success. Don’t worry because you’ll still be able to bring out the creativity and artistry within yourself even though county style tends to become minimalist and simple through the use of various materials, decorations, color, patterns and lighting.

The material which is usually used in country kitchens is solid wood from the type of kitchen flooring to the wood mode of kitchen cabinets and drawers. Although the materials are from solid wood, it’s highly suggested by a lot of stylists to use light colored woods in order to brighten and reveal the fine grains of these types of wood.

When it comes to fixtures  and accessories in country kitchens, there’s no better kitchen idea than the utilization of antique memorabilia. You might wonder that most antiques are non functional so here’s the time you can use your creativity  and artistry. Think of ways on how you’ll be able to recycle things out and benefit from it. You can consult books and kitchen magazines for further kitchen design ideas, small kitchen ideas, kitchen design, kitchen decorating ideas and of course tips on how to execute successful kitchen makeovers and kitchen renovation.

Although country kitchens tend to be uniform in color, it’s still better to express your creativity through some splash of colors and various hues. In order to bring out the best in your kitchen, kitchen designers suggest that you experiment with colors by mixing and matching contradictory colors. This concept can be applied through painting a major part of your kitchen with a darker shade while having your accessories and other fixtures painted with a lighter shade of color.

In order to absolutely make the most of you kitchen remodeling, it’s good to see variety of patterns  and effects which can be brought by good lighting. The lighting in country kitchens is usually influenced by windows so it’s best if you put huge windows where natural light can pass through resulting to a dramatic effect.

Country Kitchen Today

It doesn’t mean that if your kitchen has a theme of old and traditional, you have to put up with an old style of cooking and living. Because country kitchen conjures the combination of the old and the new, it is necessary for country kitchens to look modern as well through contemporary fixtures, appliances and one of a kind surface area.

The minor elements give an extra look of elegance to the kitchen so it’s highly advised that you use attractive and conventional kitchen styles and equipment. Moreover, the main factor that would make your kitchen totally modern is the appliance. Of course through the ovens, stoves and refrigerators made from stainless steel material, your kitchen would absolutely look modern, high fashion and totally trendy. Granitic countertops and cabinets made from glasses and stainless steels would absolutely contribute to that modern look you’re expecting your surface area would have.

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