European Cabinets Setting the New Trend

The European style frameless cabinets have been available for years but it was just recently when states adopted the idea of this cabinetry. The idea of getting frameless cabinet from any part of your house may actually give you additional benefit rather than sticking with the usual rta cabinets or laundry room cabinets. These kinds of wood cabinets rely mainly on the box itself and not the frame to hold itself together. If you plan to design or renovate your kitchen room, you may want to look into getting frameless kitchen cabinets to go along well with contemporary design.

Understanding Cabinetry Types

European CabinetsYou might probably be used to the framed design and before you purchase wood cabinets (which can really be very expensive), then make sure you are aware of the types and style. This is to avoid excessive and repetitive spending. You can check face frame cabinetry which can be easily distinguished with the spaces on the visible frame of its drawers and doors. You may also take note of the material which usually is consisting of plywood and particle boards seen on the front part.

Purchasing and Building frameless cabinets

These types of pantry cabinets are made without the face frame which usually is hardwood. The look of the sides and the floor are built similarly with the back and the ceiling which is different in the case of face frame cabinets. The cabinet doors are responsible in covering the box as it has no frame to display, but the seamless appearance should make a very convincing and stylish design meant for every kitchen rooms.

Why get Frameless Cabinets

There will always be two sides on each story and it is inevitable that some may disagree with other’s opinion. Experts believe that frameless cabinets may walk miles ahead versus the framed types. Check out some of the reasons experts conceded.

  • Sturdier Kitchen cabinet Hardware. Keep in mind that with frameless, the whole body is made of equally solid particleboard. This means the overall body is stronger than the usual which has unequal sides making some points weaker than the other. It is the reason why frameless are usually durable and that they last longer even with heavy usage.
  • Easier access. Since frameless does not take up more space than the usual, it gives off valuable space which could be very beneficial in every kitchen. A couple of inch could be really helpful especially to those who have smaller kitchen area.
  • Better and more open interior. The braces that not found in usual face frame cabinets could again, help give off more space not only from the outside but for the inside. This gives more space for interaction and storage.
  • Modern look. Last but not the least, the design is significantly better and more sleek than the usual face frame. This contemporary look has now become the new trend when it comes to kitchen cabinetry.

European Kitchen Cabinets

Seeking professional Help

When worse comes to worst or perhaps you just want to play the cabinet project safe, you can definitely ask help from professionals to take care of the task for you. It would also help you a lot if you need to maintain a specific budget without having to compensate the look that you want for your kitchen.

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