Choosing the Best Kitchen Paint Colors with Honey Oak Cabinets

If you wish to reinvent your Honey Oak Cabinets and have an amazing countertop to match the tone, then go find good granite materials without having to forget important elements to consider. Since honey oak kitchen cabinets have its own identity, you have to choose the best design to compliment the floors, appliances and accessories in redesigning. Since granite is one of the trendiest and most durable materials to consider nowadays, you may have a sense of peace upon acquiring them. Do not worry as you will definitely have different patterns and colors to choose from no matter what design you want to achieve. You can start your residential painting project here

Fresh and Spacious

If you wish to have a more relaxed feel for your kitchen, you can use light colors or white granite countertop. This neutral color will help give a clean, feel against the natural look of your oak kitchen cabinets. You can choose from the plain ones to those that have veining so you may have a sharper look and contrasting design. You may also get to choose some other furnishings and colors like yellow to somewhat brown-tones to give a more complimentary look.

Cozy Pantry Honey Oak Cabinets

honey oak cabinetsIf you want to have a warm feel for your oak cabinets kitchen, then pair it with muddy brown and ivory tones. Since the oak color gives a natural yellowish tint, you will still get that inviting feeling by picking a granite countertop that gives you a back-to-nature sense every time. The colors yellow, green and brown are always there to remind you of the environment right in the comfort of your very home.

Shady and Melodramatic

If you want a little touch of drama in your kitchen, you can try and mix your honey oak cabinets’ wall color with black coal like granite countertops. In this manner you will have a very good contrast of colors meant to give a designer feel for your own kitchen. It is ideal to choose black with some accentuations from vein designs or golden flecks to give your light oak cabinets a good team. In addition to this, your appliances with black exterior may make a good compliment too. You may also choose metallic designs or finish for some accessories with gold touches as an additional accent for the overall design.

Stunning and Striking

Wake your senses up with a nice striking hue for your kitchen countertop. Mix your staining honey oak cabinets with emerald green granite countertop. You may choose those that have gray swirls to give a little more life to the splash. If you wish to match your appliances and equipment to this idea, then you may choose to get stainless steel items. This may give a brushed steel feel to highlight the modern feel of the kitchen area. Remember to keep the cabinet doors complimenting as this is the key to a good hue combination. Getting a bold look wouldn’t be that hard it you wish so, all you need is some good imagination.

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