About the Kraftmaid outlet

If you are buying a new home or would like to renovate your kitchen in your home, Kraftmaid outlet invites you to visit and buy their kitchen cabinetry as per your taste and budget.

History of the Kraftmaid outlet

Kraftmaid Outlet started as a small shop, which use to sell discount cabinets 40 years ago. After 40 years, Kraftmaid cabinet outlet is one of the foremost industry leaders in the field of the Kraftmaid kitchen cabinets and discount bathroom vanities. The brands of the company have become one of the most recognized and the largest in the field of home furniture. They are committed to help you in creating the kitchen of your dreams whether you are renovating your kitchen or constructing a new kitchen in your home. With a widest selection of the decorative enhancements, finishes, styles, storage solutions for the customized cabinetry and a customized look without the lengthy custom lead time and the custom prices.

Kraftmaid outlet

More about Kraftmaids outlet

The Kraftmaid cabinets outlet started before 40 years in a small shop and now it is one of the industry leaders in the field. Also, the company has several brands in the market, which are famous for their design, style, and finish with the customers. The company believes in the personal responsibility and the safety of the employees and the customers. Also, they believe in being the environmental Saft.

The motto of the KraftMaid Cabinetry Facility is to manufacture the beautiful products which have the great style and the superior quality for any customers. Also, they would like to achieve this goal with their commitment to the clean and pure environment. This is because they the decision which they make for their organization are not simply for the profits, but are also for their loved people, their future and the future of the planet.

The method of production at the Kraftmaid outlet

Kraftmaid outlet always focuses on the three Rs which are known as the reduce the volume of the raw material required, reuse the material and the recycle the waste all through the production cycle of the products from the sourcing to the manufacturing ready to assemble cabinets and finishing the product to the shipping of the kitchen cabinetry. The company continuously monitors the environmental impact of the production process by following the guidelines –

  1. The company purchases the raw wood in optimum dimensions for wood cabinets and kitchen pantry as far as possible and uses the various energy efficient technologies to attain the highest possible yield from each raw material board.
  2. The company uses only EPP that is Environmentally Preferred Product particle board which includes some percentage of the recycled material.
  3. To reduce the level of the VOC’s released into the atmosphere, incinerating the Volatile Organic Compounds from the finishing operations.
  4. Including the impact of the environmental considerations in the new product proposal.

If you are thinking about buying a new house or renovating your house, you should visit the Kraftmaid outlet Warren Ohio for the proposed purchasing of the new kitchen semi custom cabinets and bathroom vanity as you can get lot of choices about the styles, designs, finishes etc., for your custom kitchens design.