Bathroom Furniture Everyone Needs

Bathroom vanities, wardrobes and cabinets are examples at the same time types of fitted bathroom fixtures. They are known as fitted because they are directly attached or “fitted” to the walls or corners of the bathroom. Due to this type of construction, stability, security and wide array of designs could be made possible. However, putting fitted fixtures inside you bathroom is not an easy task. Usually, experts recommend that unless you are skilled with proper knowledge and experience when it comes to installing such kind of fixtures, it is necessary for you to call manufacturers and furniture workers to do the task for you. Proper measurement when it comes to the height and depth of the walls at the same time the surface of the furniture are required for an effective and excellent use of these fixtures. The leveling of the furniture against the wall is also a big issue, so be sure that you check them carefully when doing this task, because mistakes on this kind of situation could be difficult to repair.

white bathroom furnitureOne of the bathroom furniture which sets the mood and the design of the over-all style of the bathroom is the vanity. Bathroom vanity comes in great sizes, forms and styles. Interior Designers recommend the use of fitted vanities because of the security and stability it offers. Moreover, this kind of fitted bath vanities is great in terms of concealing the pipe areas of your bathroom sink or basin. When choosing a vanity, you can opt with variety of choices like sharp or curve edges, French provincial style or a minimalistic style, or you can go with circular types of vanity or just have the regular rectangular types. Actually, the possibilities are unending. You can do the task of mixing and matching different elements when it comes to designing bathrooms. Lastly, bathroom vanities come with numerous classes like double vanity, bath vanity, sink vanity, and double sink vanity, vanity mirrors, modern vanity, powder room vanities and a lot more.

Another bathroom furniture which comes with fitted fixture is no other than wardrobes and cabinets. It is usual that cabinets and wardrobes are already set installed against your walls so that you’ll have no trouble when putting different things in it because it is well secured and non-moving. Moreover, non-fitting of such type of fixture may result to countless injuries both to human and properties. Also, cabinets inside the bathroom like medicine cabinet, wall cabinet, bath cabinet and vanity cabinets may come in different forms and styles but be sure that the materials you choose are moisture resistant or water proof. This is to ensure that no amount of splash or squelch of water or any type of liquid can do damage to the design, quality and durability of the wardrobe or cabinet.

Several types of cupboards, shelves and drawers can also be found inside the bathroom so that you can maximize the space of storage where you can put your beauty products, cosmetics, hair dryers, and various pieces of towelsand bath robes. Cupboards which have mirrors in front of them are good strategies in maximizing space. Usually, the wood type of cupboards are the same as those of doors. These bathroom fixtures also set the main idea and concept of the design, style and mood of the bathroom.

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Bathroom Vanity: Close to Hearts

When you enter in a bathroom, your attention would be immediately caught by the bathroom vanity, so if you are in need of remodeling or resurfacing of your very own haven of comfort, it is advisable for you to check the latest style and fashion when it comes to building your bathroom vanity.

What is Bathroom Vanity?

Bathroom vanity is basically the combination of the bathroom sink or the basin and the cabinets which surround it. These cabinets are usually used as storage of different materials like towels, bath robes, extra soaps, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and a lot more toiletries. Also, it aims to hold the sink plus conceal the plumbing materials attached to the sink. Moreover, one of the aspects of the bathroom vanity which is as important as the sink is the bench top. Usually, the bench tops are the spots where you place first the things you remove when washing your hand or washing your face. Due to its close proximity to the sink, bench tops are usually made of stones, wood, cement or can also be laminated. The entire bathroom vanity can be made from various materials in order to bring more design and style. But one thing is for sure, all these materials are moisture proof, therefore, any drop or squelch of water would do no damage to its utility and design. Most especially, the bathroom is the area where squish and splash of different types of liquid can be expected commonly of water and bubbles.

bath vanitiesWide Selection of Bathroom Vanity

After knowing the definition of a bathroom vanity, you are now deciding which style should you apply in your bathroom, especially it is one of the centerpieces of any bathroom. Of course, when in this stage of deciding what to select from the vast possibilities you need first to understand the space you want to allot for your bathroom vanity. After deciding how big you want it to be, you can now look for the style, the type of edges and even the color that you want. The various styles when it comes to bathroom vanities are French provincial, traditional, art deco and country style. You can apply these style in your bathroom cabinets, wall cabinets and many other fixtures. Nowadays, rectangular bathroom vanity are no longer on trend, they now come in various shapes and forms, depending how much space you have and what you need. You can have sharp or curve edges. But as seen in many hotels and celebrity homes, one can have customized built bathroom vanity by having two sinks and wider and larger bathroom cabinets in order to maximize the space the two bathroom basins offer. In this type of style, two individual can make use of the bathroom at the same. Due to the modern technology offered today, you can choose from many options. Actually, the possibilities are infinity. You can mix and match various styles which comes along with great use and utility. Especially that nowadays, designs are no longer simple plain and prints, they are now coupled with terrific modes of utility.

The Bathroom Vanity You Choose!

As what was mentioned earlier, it is very essential that you understand every piece of the space that you have in your bathroom. So here it is, the bath vanity should be in proportion with the rest of your bathroom itself. Also, it should be able to cater all your needs. Everything in your vanities for bathroom depends on what you need when you go for a bath or wash. The cabinets should be huge enough in order to store what you want like your beauty regimens, pieces of towels and bath robes, cosmetics, toiletries and most especially cleaning materials. Likewise, aside from the cabinets, drawers and shelves are also needed when constructing your bath vanities so that you’ll have no trouble in putting additional bath stuffs like perfumes, lotions and many other beauty products. You should also consider whether you’re going to utilize single or double bath vanity because it would definitely affect how effective your bathroom would be especially during morning and evenings before and after going to sleep.

Overall, the bath vanity would decide the theme and the general style of your bathroom. Whether it would be fussy with different ornaments or it would be plain and simple, trying to be minimalistic as much as possible. Whatever your design would be, make sure that it would execute and deliver your main purpose which is immense and terrific utility for you and for the whole household!

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How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets Effectively?

You might be reading this article because you are now faced with either of these two situations, you are now in the process of building your home and you’re thinking what could be the best style and form of cabinets you should put in your bathrooms. The other situation is you’re too tired of looking at the same cabinets which you are using for quite a long time and you want to remodel your bathroom by checking some pieces of bathroom cabinets that would fit in your sense of style. However, you are now faced with a dilemma, which style of cabinet would I be able to maximize my money? What are the guidelines in selecting cabinets from the countless brands of bathroom cabinets? Through reading this article, you’ll be ensured that you’ll be able to find the best cabinet that would fit in your style and your bathroom. You’ll get enlightened of the various arguments about whether choosing the custom or the stock built, the cherry or the maple, finished or unassembled. You’ll get answers to every question which your mind is bothering right now.

First Things First

bath cabinetsAccording to the co-owner of the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise in Naples, Fla, Merriam Reed, finding the best cabinet would pave way to the beauty and elegance your bathroom would offer to its users. Bathroom Cabinets would be the ones which would set the mood and design to one of the rooms in your house which offer comfort. That is why you really need to do a tedious job in finding for the bathroom cabinetry.

A lot of people say that in order to find for the perfect bath cabinets, you need to start in your bathroom by looking how much space do you want your cabinets to occupy? You should be able to assess the right amount of proportions so you’ll be prepared when asked by cabinet makers. You should also think of the material you want the cabinets are made, because it would definitely affect the form, the texture and even the color of your bathroom cabinets.

Once you stepped out from your bathroom, you can now check the nearest bookstore in your area so you can look for books or magazines that would give you bright ideas on how you’ll effectively select from the overwhelming brands of bathroom cabinetry. After listing what you want, you can narrow down your choices by comparing and contrasting the various details offered by each brand. This could be followed by going to an interactive designer showroom where you can see for yourself the designs you liked. You’ll be able to touch the materials to check its texture and form and of course, it could be an avenue where you can ask for the further questions which bug your mind. You’ll get insights from the experts themselves.

If you are still unsure of what steps you should take, you should consider looking for an interior designer or a bath specialist in order to guide you in finding the best cabinet for your bathroom. It is true that looking for bathroom cabinets is more difficult than looking for cabinets used in kitchens because of the various water, drainage and electrical issues.

You don’t have to pay that much

In remodeling your bathroom, you don’t have to give out too much from your savings, it might be difficult to look for bath cabinets but they are way cheaper than those cabinets used in the kitchen. In this prospect, designers, specialist and experts when it comes to bathroom vanities and needs may be helpful. In what manner? Due to their longer stay in this industry, they have been able to know and have made connections with various suppliers of furniture so they can be able to get special discounts and sales from them.

Other modes on how you’ll be able to save money from all these costs could be availing unassembled parts of cabinets and you’ll be the one to finish, decorate and design these cabinets. For sure if you’re a busy person, you’ll have a hard time in finding time in accomplishing this task but if you’re a person who has a total package of restoration and creativity, then this choice may be just perfect for you. You can also look for different sales and special promos in the internet, however, you should be careful of what you’ll be buying because you might not be sure of its quality and durability. The best advice is still tediously understand the space allocated for these cabinets so you won’t spend too much money for cabinets that you would later find out have no place in your bathroom.

Choose the Perfect Style

            Get the style of the cabinet according to your need, don’t be blinded by the design nor the price of the cabinet. Avail the cabinet because it suits the space you have and it is the right cabinet which you need.

In this matter you can look at the three categories of cabinets used in bath. The first category of cabinet is just a counter top coupled with sink. This category is commonly known as the stand-alone vanity. On the other hand, the bathroom cabinetry or the second category includes over-the-toilet- units, built-in hampers as well as linen storage. The last category is a set of cabinets which has full custom of the design and style of your bathroom. This category is more commonly known as suites.

bathroom cabinetryThere are infinite possibilities when it comes to the design of the cabinets you are looking for. You can choose from variety of choices but don’t forget that you are buying cabinets because of the organization and the immense utility they could bring. Don’t put too much focus on the design of the cabinet, although it is also one of the secondary factors in looking for the right cabinet. But don’t worry too much because during these, designs are usually coupled with great use like appliance garages and cosmetic trays which are available today in the market.

Getting a Peak of what’s Trending

            You should always keep yourself updated of the different things happening right now especially when it comes to designing and remodeling bathrooms. There are four main on trend features nowadays in bathroom cabinetry namely: Lighting, Furniture looking, Home Spa and consistency with the rest of the house.

Putting spotlights and other modes of lighting in your cabinets is one of the ways in order for you to give a more stylish and better look in your bathroom. Of course, you always want to instantly find the things you need without putting so much effort and lights could be a great help with this.

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You Need to Know: Bamboo Kitchen and Bath Cabinets

Bamboo cabinets either used in kitchen or bath are one of the styles which is going on trend nowadays. A lot of people get interested on its texture and its form which make it different from other wood types. Therefore, it can be seen today that this industry of bamboo cabinet making is fast growing. However, clients who want to avail this type of pieces are having a hard time to order and to make deals with bamboo cabinetry because the essential details and information are somehow missing in their descriptions. Also, there are some discrepancies when it comes to their contact details and information, giving the clients a hard time to communicate with them.

bamboo kitchen cabinetsBamboo is a type of grass and it’s commonly grown in China that’s why obtaining lots of it is not an issue of deforestation. However, there are some downside of using bamboo as a main material of furniture pieces. Bamboo grows in a wide manner that’s why a huge space should be allotted in planting bamboos. Also, formaldehydes are usually used in helping them to propagate and lastly there are some political implications because the major supplier of Bamboo around the globe is China. Bamboo flooring is more familiar to people than bamboo kitchen cabinets or bathroom cabinets. But why not consider such idea? Bamboo has a great finishing and coating, putting an extra glow in both your kitchen and bathrooms.

Natural Finish on Bamboo Cabinets

Yes! The natural finish seen on bamboo cabinets such as corner cabinets and pantry cabinets is totally extravagant and very pleasing to the eyes. Its unique striations are just phenomenal and the factor that makes it different to the other wood types. But if you are really adept to darker finishes, kitchen and bathroom cabinets made from bamboo are also available in dark-stained type of finishing.

            If you are wondering whether this bamboo are solid types? It still depends on the part of the cabinets, the hidden parts of the cabinets like the cabinet “boxes” themselves are made out of furniture- grade plywood. On the other hand, the parts of the cabinets which can be seen like the cabinet doors, cabinet drawers and cabinet panels are made of bamboo ply.

Just the Right Size

            The number one and the leading bamboo supplier, Mr. Bamboo, offers variety of sizes when it comes to producing these amazing type of cabinets: 9 base cabinets, 7 upper wall cabinets, 2 pantry cabinets and a wall over cabinet. You can notice that the offered sizes are not as vast as the other types of wood cabinets. It is because it is still growing and the demand is still quite low.

            The styles of this bamboo cabinets are absolutely things you need to watch out for. Usually, the bamboo cabinets are available in two forms or styles: the slab door and shaker-style forms. It is best to explain first the latter than the former because the former’s explanation and description are quite complicated to discuss. Grasswood cabinets is a line of cabinet makers which majorly supplies shaker-style forms of bamboo cabinets. You can notice that this kind of cabinet style has minimal picture frames around it in order to maximize space and utility. Meanwhile, the former type of bamboo cabinet which is the slab door style contains no bevels and panels. It is quite hard to apply some bevels on such type because it would lead to the exposure of the plies. Basically, this type is made out of “Bamboo Plywood”, that’s why cabinets like these are delicately made by cabinet makers.

Who makes it?

            There are quite a number of cabinet manufacturers in this line, they also build bathroom vanity, shoe cabinets and many other more. These lines of bamboo cabinetry are absolute trusted and proven manufacturers. Some of them are Eco Cabinets, and Mr. Bamboo.

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Affordable Cabinets for Stylish Kitchen

Cabinets are one of the vital equipment found in a kitchen. It is the place where you put your other cookware and cooking utensils. It is a place where you store what you bought from the grocery like canned goods, spices and many other more. However, most of the cabinets today are quite pricey and they would even cost half of your kitchen budget to make your very own cooking hub fabulous and spectacular. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to get the style and the look of the kitchen you always wanted through reading this article which will give you bright ideas and tips on how to avail elegant yet cheap cabinets.

There are three main types of cabinets which vary and differ according to use and the design you want. The first type is the Production/Stock. The second type is the Semi-Custom while the last and the third type is the Full-Custom. Each type of cabinet is unique from each other because it has its own additional features that can certainly be distinguished from the other. Look for a cabinetry that offers good service and prices which fits in your budget.

The Stock Cabinet

affordable kitchen cabinets The cabinets in this type are the least expensive from the all the types of cabinets. Moreover, they are the ones which you can immediately grab and be delivered to your door steps. However, the designs of the cabinets are very limited and they are usually the most common yet most preferred by a lot of customers. Why? Because their designs suit almost all types and patterns of home. Once purchased, you can actually put the cabinet in any spot of your home, from your living room, dining and of course to your kitchen. Its versatility is its main advantage so it is a good suggestion that you browse first the cabinets in here before checking the cabinets in the Semi and Full-Custom Cabinets.

The Semi-Stock Cabinet

The cabinets in here are usually the most advisable to be bought and purchased because aside from the faster time it can be delivered to you, it is also less expensive than those of the Full-Custom Built Cabinets. The cabinet’s building time is usually four to six weeks only.

Moreover, you can choose and combine anything that you want for your cabinet, from doors, handles to the texture and colors you want. Buying this type of cabinet is actually more advisable than the Full-Custom Built Cabinets because you can actually have an access to the numerous designs this type of cabinet offers. When it comes to storage solution, you can pick from 200 choices, 100 options for the styles of doors and lastly there are 65 alternatives which you can choose from when it comes to the different finishes.

The Custom Cabinet

The cabinets from here are usually being processed from six to ten weeks in order to make sure that every detail that you wanted is being done and constructed perfectly. However, cabinet makers cannot assure that all the designs that you want can be executed and done due to the reason that they not have all the advanced and innovative tools as well as equipment which are required in building all the designs that you want. So it is a good suggestion that you pick a design which is kind of similar to the built cabinets found in their shops and stores but of course you can still add a little bit of twists and turns on it as long as it can still be executed with the available materials and tools.

The cabinets in here are usually the most expensive because of the longer time they have to be built and the premium quality of the materials used.

cheap cabinetsOf course, no one should miss out the affordable kitchen cabinets found in the thrift shops, aside from its low price, you’ll be seeing a lot of original, authentic and ancient style of cabinets here that would surely give an artistic and creative look in your kitchen. Cabinets found in thrifts shops are absolutely amazing and terrific because you are sure that all of these items are durable and stylish enough to put an extra glow in your kitchen. Aside from these factors, you’ll be ensured as well that your kitchen cabinets are unique from any other cabinets found in the market. You’ll expect that no one from your friends would have the similar cabinet and mind you, you’ll be shocked that these cabinets from the thrift shop would be considered an antique by a lot of your colleagues. You’ll surely can’t ask for more!

Cabinets are definitely one of the things you should look when designing for a kitchen. Make sure that you’ll not be spending too much for these without checking the quality they can offer you. Moreover, there are lots of ways on how you’ll be able to look for kitchen cabinets cheap at the same heavy duty, durable and totally fabulous!

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